Every party I do is bespoke in one way or another. To give you some idea of what equipment I will bring please have a read of the page below

Standard Setup

    • Two 12″ 400W full range speakers and a 18″ 500W Subwoofer – That’s quite a powerful sound system, comfortably running a disco in a reasonably large venue – with up to 150 / 200 people
    • Mobile DJ Booth
    • Disco Lights
      • LED Par Can floodlights, coloured wash lights which bathe the room in coloured light, flashing to the beat.
      • Derby light – a large number of sharp beams of light which move in small circles. Simple but very effective. Moving, flashing and changing colour with the music.
      • Moving mirror gobo lights – one for the floor, each fixture puts out one bright image which swings around the room, with over 100 picture / color combinations, in time with the music.
      • Water light – colored ripples of light flowing along the dancefloor
      • Laser – Pink. Enough said :)
      • Strobe light – 1500W strobe light. A beast. I only use this occasionally in short bursts.
      • Hazer – not really a light but it puts out a thin smoke which makes the lights much more effective
      • I am able to get hold of other lights such as mirror balls, profile spotlights etc if needed. Please ask for information.
    • Microphones if needed for speeches

  • Modern, high-tech computerised DJ system. (On which I have a better record collection than some radio stations)
  • Assuming I have internet access I am also able to able to access the iTunes and Amazon libraries as well as DJ specific sites (with much underground and unreleased music). With these I have access to well in excess of 10 million tracks. Note: I am a proper DJ and work hard on the night, I’m normally too busy to download more than a couple of tracks on the night – please discuss playlists whilst booking. (it’s very rare though that I won’t have everything anyway)
  • Usual times are arrival 6-7pm for a 8pm start. Finish 1am. Times are obviously negotiable
  • I have an online playlist system and encourage you to suggest some tracks. Say 10 (max 20) ‘Must Play’ songs, another 10-20 that I will try to play and as many ‘do not play’ songs as you want.

Reduced setup

  • As above but WITHOUT the following items
  • Subwoofer – This will reduce the volume of the system making it more suited to around 100 people.
  • Lasers
  • Hazer

More options are available such as uplighting, larger sound systems, digital projectors and other ‘toys’ – I have a lot of other equipment available to me. I am able to cater for much larger events if required. Please feel free to discuss your requirements